Our Story

Our mission is to help our clients cultivate better balance in all aspects of life through the practice of yoga.


About Us:

We are a boutique-style yoga studio conveniently located in Cranston, RI. Our studio has a warm and inviting feeling that brings a sigh of relaxation as soon as you step through onto the second floor doors of the studio. Intimate class settings make us perfect for beginners and anyone looking to intelligently deepen their practice. Our attention to every body means you’ll never get lost in the crowd.

Our Commitment to You:

-Provide a clean, friendly space which is open to our community 365 days a year
-Maintain a supportive and non-judgmental community environment to help you evolve your practice
-Continue to grow and evolve to meet the needs of our community
-Offer conscientious products and services which serve our community, the environment, and the world

About The Owner:

I believe that the vibe of a business begins at the top and is influenced by all who are involved in making the space thrive.  My vision for body kneads yoga was always very simple: offer quality yoga instruction in a peaceful space to those who are interested in the path of yoga.  The teachers that work at our studio are friends of mine.  We consider the people who attend our classes regularly as our friends.  We are a humble but strong community of fantastic souls who are doing our work for a better life.  We all walk the common path to better health and more peace.  Every person has a beautiful story to tell and a dharma path to follow.  It is my sincere intention for body kneads yoga to be the space where like minded people come together to practice in the very city that I grew up in. 

As for me?  I am a happy person who is very grounded (kapha) and I appreciate the healing power of laughter.  I am a little vatta (spacey) at times, I have a great imagination, and love to delve into the depths of yoga study.  Sometimes my practice is composed of strong asana (my pitta dosha), and sometimes it is more quiet and meditative.  The determining factor in how I practice each day is addressing the question, “how can I bring more integral balance based on where I am this moment?”   Some of my core values include respect for all forms of life, encouraging the strong to empower the weak, staying continually open to growth, always being generous, compassionate and loving deeply. 

I feel it is important to have a clear and consistent path of instruction, but I don’t believe there is any one style that fits all.  We, like the styles of yoga we are drawn to, are constantly evolving and changing.  Accordingly,  my style of teaching and practice is an ever-evolving blend of the styles of yoga that speak to me and brings me balance.  As the breadth and depth of my knowledge and my experience grows, so does the breadth and depth of what I can offer as a teacher and business owner.

I invite you to walk with me on this journney of a happy, healthy and safe yoga practice. Yoga doesn’t necessarily give you what you need. It allows you to see that everything you need is already within you. 

Peace. Love. Laughter. Yoga.


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