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Class Descriptions
NOTE: Current class options may vary.
Check the schedule to see which classes are currently being offered!

All Levels Flow is always a vinyasa style class with essentially the same mechanics at the Mindful flow accept that it may not move as slowly and detailed. It is great for beginners, but seasoned yogi's still love these classes as well! Those who teach an all levels will flow may still incorporate some type of pranayama (breath work) and will sometimes have a strong focus on alignment. 

A contemporary style that focuses on synchronizing breath with movement. This class sometimes includes simple pranayama breathing practices, and will be based off easy sequencing for the purpose of stretching, strengthening and opening the body and mind. Particular attention to safe alignment principles in postures and the transitions between them provide a balance between steadiness, strength and fluid, conscious movement. This class is both cummulative and progressive, it is suitable for those who are just beginning their practice and for those who have some experience. There are always modifications and variations offered to those who need to take it easy or who are ready to try more advanced postures.

Class is shortened to 60 minutes and is only $10. All are welcomed!


This class is appropriate for any practitioner and ideal for those who are very new to yoga or simply want to "make sure they are doing it right".  Here we learn the basic poses which make up common vinyasa sequences such as Surya Namaskar A and B (Sun Salutations).  We explore how the breath and the body move together to create the practice of yoga. Focus is on introducing the asanas (yoga postures) to you in a safe and specific way to give a solid foundation from which your practice can grow.  

Forrest Yoga was created by Ana Forrest and specifically designed to address physical and emotional stresses and challenges that are housed within our bodies. What makes Forrest Yoga unique is the methodically created pose sequences that are taught with a compassion to develop and nurture the skills that awaken each of the bodies senses. To do this the Forrest Yoga teacher brings each student to a depth of breath and feeling that penetrates every cell of their bodies. Strength and flexibility is not a requirement to do Forrest Yoga. All one needs to do Forrest Yoga is to “bring a willingness to learn how to feel authentically and respond honestly.” “Forrest Yoga teaches you how to Go Deeper, find your Truth, and then, take these gifts Beyond the Mat into the rest of your.”

Quotes from Teacher Training Manual, ©Ana Forrest, 2004

This class begins with a heated 90-minute Vinyasa Flow suitable for all practitioners. We stretch, detoxify, and strengthen the body through working with the breath in each pose. The space is set for every person to reach their maximum potential through the connection of breath and movement. The physical practice prepares the body for the last half hour, the yoga nidra guided mediation. Yoga nidra is a meditative tool to break up deep tension patterns in the subconscious and physical body. You'll leave feeling blissful. Don't take our word for it, try it and see for yourself!

This class is appropriate for all practitioners, from beginners to advanced students. Sequences are designed to open and stretch the body through basic, gentle asana and breathwork. This class breaks away from the traditional Power Yoga/vinyasa format, offering longer holds and resting periods between postures. This allows students to go deeper into their personal practice and experience a true state of active meditation.  We also weave yoga philosophy and some of the wisdom teachings for a well rounded and richer experience.

Balance Your Busy Life With Meditation and Mindfulness...
Have you always wanted to meditate, but didn't know where to start? Have you decided to make meditation practice a part of your life, but keep "falling off the wagon?" Meditation can create positive, powerful change in your life, but like any habit, it must be cultivated. Please join our monthly meditation group for accountability, inspiration, and support. We will start each meeting with a 10-20 minute meditation, then share ideas that have worked to keep us on the path, as well as challenges and how to overcome them. 

*This class is currently offered the first Monday of every month for FREE! 

Mindful Flow is a vinyasa style (breath/ movement) hatha yoga (physical) class that moves a little slower than a traditional vinyasa class. Teachers will often begin with a quite seat to settle the mind, and may throw in some pranayama work (break work). The postures are held a bit longer with greater emphasis on alignment and body awareness.  You will be given many anatomical cues to help you stay mindfully in your body and in your breath.  Often times these classes will include upper-level options for those who have a more established practice, but all levels are welcomed.


We believe that yoga is healthy and healing and therefore everyone should have a chance for their own time on their mat. This is a time where we generously open our doors for free personal mat time.  Come meditate, play, stretch, practice...make it yours! A teacher will be there for guidance if needed.

*This is currently guided by Kristen and will be running Wednesday mornings 8:00-10:00am, February 3rd-April 27th. 

A class which will take the body through a journey of mild flow and soft movements which emphasize problem areas of the body that are taxed during pregnancy, including the back, hips, groin, and hamstrings. Through a process of stretching, gentle twisting, elongating muscles and connective tissues, and deep breathing, this class will help develop strength, flexibility, endurance, and a peaceful state of mind and body. The practice will also use props to include blocks, straps, blankets and chairs.

Typically for this class, the room is ready, the props are set. Come and luxuriate in restorative yoga for this 75 minute class. Restorative yoga is the perfect balance for a productive and busy lifestyle. Here you have explicit permission to just let go, surrender and find that relaxation has a whole new level.  Space is limited to twelve people, so online preregistration is recommended.  Private classes and semi-private classes are available by appointment.

This is a class suitable for all levels and ideal for beginners and people with injuries and joint issues. The deep, relaxed nature of the poses make them accessible for all. Poses are done seated and are held for longer periods of time (usually about 3-5 minutes) to get into the body's connective tissue. This practice is both intense and healing. Yin Yoga has proven beneficial for anxiety, depression, stress management, and many types of joint issues.

The Nia technique is a high energy, expressive dance practice that combines elements of yoga, modern jazz and Duncan Dance (martial arts). Nia engages body, mind and spirit to deliver a fantastic whole-body workout ~ sweaty, creative, rhythmic and FUN! No experience necessary...just a willingness to have some healthy fun! It is FANTASTICAL!

It is common for a lot of our teachers to weave in some yoga philosophy, poetry or wisdom teachings for a well rounded experience. 

NOTE: We offer two spaces for practice: The Rasa Room and the Shanti Room. 
Some of our classes are heated 75-85 degrees. Please check our schedule to see if your class will be heated.