Prajna Monthly
first Wednesday of the month 6p-7:30p

Founded by Tias Little, the specific style of a Prajna yoga class is dynamic yogic study, compassionate self-inquiry, and mindful “slow core” practice. In class we practice classical yoga poses, both active and restorative, sensory awareness training, chanting and meditation. No specific style or predictable format will be offered, classes will vary each week. There is a philosophical theme from the wisdom teachings woven thru the class and in this way all aspects of body, mind and spirit are exercised, relaxed and inspired.

Class cost is $18 or a 2 class deduction from 8 for $80 members' accounts

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Private Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy empowers you to take part in your own healing process. Through the offering of therapeutic postures which are modified in response to individual client feedback, it uses the knowledge and experience of the therapist as a foundation for guiding the natural intelligence of the mind and body towards it’s own healing and renewal. When applied therapeutically, yoga can be a potent tool to heal and rehabilitate physical injuries as well as emotional traumas. It can help facilitate the release of stress and grief, and can help to hasten recovery from acute or chronic disease. Yoga Therapy can be undertaken on it’s own or combined with other healing modalities, including conventional medical treatment. 

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